What Will You Do This Year?

Sep 3, 2014 by

The High Holidays are right around the corner.  While rabbis are busy preparing sermons and executive directors are in full logistics mode, we also encourage ourselves and our congregations to reflect on the past year, and think about what we might do differently in the coming year.

In a recent article, Rabbi Jeremy Fine reflected on the past century of Conservative Judaism, and reiterated his description of this moment in history as a moment of “remodeling”.   What does it take to remodel?  It’s more than freshening up the paint or buying new furniture.  There’s attention not only to infrastructure and to decor, but also to changing needs and realities (babies are coming, that media room needs to be a nursery; our children are growing, or maybe have left the house; we entertain more now that we’re retired…).

In his article, Rabbi Fine pledges to celebrate this milestone by remodeling his rabbinate as well with the following three part pledge:

  1. I will have coffee/drinks/lunch with 100 people in my community. My only objective will be to help improve their Jewish lives, hear their stories, and show them the beauty of Conservative Judaism.

  2. I will make 100 phone calls to families in my community to say hello or wish them a Shabbat Shalom hopefully leaving them with a feeling of connection and warmth.

  3. I will invite 100 people into my home to celebrate Shabbat or a holiday. This will allow them to experience conversations with their rabbi outside of the synagogue.

What do you think of his 3 part pledge?  If you were to choose 3 things to do differently this year to become a connected congregation, what would they be?  Can you put a number of them to monitor your progress?

L’shana tova!

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