Transparency: Taking It Home Worksheet

Nov 10, 2014 by

A culture of transparency of built on regular, modest and purposeful efforts to offer information and insight that will help your community follow the leadership and trust the organization.

As Charlene Li says in her book, Open Leadership,“like authenticity, transparency is not defined by you as a leaders, but by the people you want to trust you and your organization.  How much information do they need in order to follow you, trust you with their money or business?

Thus, before you email your financial statements to everyone, or alternatively decide that such transparency is totally out of the question, consider a) what your values and goals are, and b) what bite sized “experiments” in transparency you can begin doing right away to explore this topic, exercise your transparency muscles, and begin to built a culture of greater transparency in your congregation.

Feel free to download this worksheet to help facilitate a conversation amongst your board or leadership team.  What are you already doing?  What are your values?  Where could you be doing a little bit more?  Share with us how it goes!


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