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This month we’re reading Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today by Rabbi Hayim Herring.  The book includes many useful suggestions for self-reflection and planning to become the Connected Congregation you envision.  One of the most powerful reflective exercises presented is a comparison of tradition and new organizational values.  Many (if not most) of us grew up in an age of traditional organizational values (hierarchies, privacy, etc.). Our observations, personal experiences, educational training, and previous professional experiences have deepened and reinforced this perspective.  Yet the landscape we’re working in today is quite different, and organizational values and culture are shifting in response, to flatter leadership models, greater transparency, and more networked approaches to work, change and leadership.

Thus, Rabbi Herring’s list of traditional and new organizational values provides a useful litmus test for us to reflect on where our synagogue’s organizational values and culture sit today, and where we want to intentionally move them to through the process of becoming a Connected Congregation.

There is no right or wrong answer.  In fact, different members of your synagogue’s team may in fact have widely varying answers both to “where  you are today” and “where you want to be in the future”.   You may also want to discuss which values will evolve fairly easily with a little attention, and which ones are more deeply ingrained and may take more time or more work to shift.

We’ve adapted the list from the book into a one-page worksheet.  Feel free to download and use with your teams.

You may also want to check out the User’s Guide to accompany Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today, which you can download here.

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