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As we all know, it’s not just what you say, it is how you say it. The purpose of this Language Audit is to use the Connected Congregations lens you’ve been developing to take a fresh look at how you are communicating with your congregation. The exercise is intended to be a time for reflection and sharpening of your lens, though some congregations may be inspired to take action and make changes to their website or printed materials. Use the sheet below as a guideline for conducting your Language Audit. We recommend that you do this as a team, and then highlight any big take-aways or remaining questions you want to explore or act on.

A synagogue communicates through many channels – directly through bulletins, brochures, letters, websites and social media, as well as more subtly through signage, membership packets and forms, special dues arrangement forms, and school enrollment forms. Sometimes, these communications make first impressions, and sometimes they reinforce perceptions or assumptions that may be counter to what you’re trying to build.

For this exercise, choose one communication ‘artifact’ that is relevant to your congregation’s focus for this year. It could be a document (bulletin, brochure, recent letter to the congregation), signage (such as what you post to advise attendees of behavioral norms or customs at your services), or an administrative form (membership application, special dues request form).  Critique what you choose with your Connected Congregations lens to appreciate how that approach translates into communications of many types.   If you feel so inspired, you may choose to edit the documents or materials.  If  you do, what are you changing and why?



Connected Congregations Language Audit by lisacolton

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