Book Club #1: Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today

Oct 23, 2013 by

Tomorrows-synagogue-today Connected Congregations are able to question assumptions that have guided previous organizational decisions and ways of working, and are looking at their community, vision and purpose with fresh eyes.  Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today asks questions that can help us step back, appreciate the changes in society and generations that necessitate rethinking how our synagogues build community and achieve their mission.

In Chapter 1 Rabbi Hayim Herring addresses head on how the rules have changed.  He identifies the following key shifts, that we are moving:

  • from the age of organizations to toward the age of networks;
  • from credentialed professionals towards avocational experts;
  • from hierarchical control towards individual autonomy;from exclusivity toward inclusivity;
  • from monopolization of knowledge towards democratization of knowledge;
  • from assuming a fee-for-service economy towards expecting a free-for-service economy (at least at a basic level).

What does this mean for synagogues? A lot. While change is hard, it is necessary. We cannot keep our heads in the sand. We are living in a moment where the risk of staying the same is greater than the risk of change. Plain and simple. If we accept the change is necessary, then the question is what do we want, and how do we get there.

Connected Congregations will be exploring these practical questions.  We begin our Book Club with Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today to help us take an important first step on that journey.  Crack open your copy (even read along a second time with us) and let’s discuss here in the comments and in our Facebook Group.

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