Darim Online

PrintDarim Online is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Jewish organizations thrive in the connected age.  Our work focuses on the intersection between organizational mission and impact, societal trends, and the tool available for communication, coordination and collaboration.  As we have worked to help organizations embrace social media over the past years, we have become acutely aware of all of the other changes that these new communication tools support:  Flattening of hierarchies, new models of leadership, working in an attention economy, individual empowerment, and more.

Clay Shirky, NYU professor and author of Here Comes Everybody has called our present time the age when “organizations no longer have a monopoly on organizing”.  The implications of this statement for organizations cannot be underestimated.  When individuals are empowered to self-organize more easily (and often more efficiently and with greater nimbleness), the rules have changed.

Today we recognize that much of the Jewish community is facing two important questions:  First, what does this changing landscape mean for our organization, and how do we continue to pursue our mission in alignment with these new rules?  And second, once we understand that vision, how do we operationalize it?

We’ve become increasingly interested in these questions, and have recognized the real difficulty in operationalizing the things that might even feel clear in our heads and our hearts.   Connected Congregations is an effort to begin to tackle these questions, in partnership with congregations that are ready to take a deep dive into the journey and share what they learn along the way.

We invite you to join us in this meaningful adventure.