About Connected Congregations

A “Connected Congregation” is a synagogue that deeply understands the meaning of community, and works explicitly to build a strong, meaningful and engaged Jewish community.  Connected Congregations prioritize relationships and shared values as the foundation of a successful synagogue, and align all aspects of institutional management in service of this community.  Those who are part of connected congregations feel a sense of shared ownership and responsibility for each other and the collective, and are empowered to contribute their ideas, energy and resources.

While this vision may sound familiar, we have found that many aspects of synagogue life — from dues models and governance, to program design and measurement, to communications design and staffing models – in fact retard community building, which is fundamental for a strong and sustainable synagogue.

From 2013-15, UJA-Federation of New York, with Darim Online, convened 6 New York area congregations for 2 intensive years of learning, experimenting, sharing and real change.  Many of the webinars, articles, resources and exercises from this journey are archived on this site for you to browse and use. You are also invited to join the Connected Congregations Facebook Group for further conversation and sharing.

Finally, we are very interested in how you’re becoming more connected as well. Please be in touch with your ideas, reflections and experience.